My become healthier began at age 29 when I suddenly developed gestational diabetes and hypertension during my first pregnancy. Even after those health problems were resolved, I still wasn't feeling well. My regular doctors just kept telling me I was 'normal' and 'healthy' meaning not sick (yet). While I agreed with them that I wasn't actually sick, I knew I wasn't well. All the advice they could give was, "Eat right and exercise" with no further support in implementing those changes. In addition, no doctor ever asked me about my hectic lifestyle, my stressful career, or family life--all of which contributed to my lack of health and well-being.

My first holistic health mentor helped me eliminate my chronic migraine headaches through chiropractic. He counseled me about my diet, my lifestyle, and even my thought-patterns. (He was my first un-official health mentor and I owe this entire journey to him!)But one day I met a graduate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition who gave me the hands-on help I needed. She took me shopping in the "green" aisle and taught the names of all the vegetables; she brought organic produce to my house and taught me to cut, chop, and to prepare simple healthy recipes. Now for a woman who had never eaten a vegetable until the age of 18, this was exactly the kind of support I needed!

She also listened to what was going on in my home and would suggest ways to make space in the calendar for my health goals--time for the gym, time to unwind, time with my husband. All of the strategies she suggested brought balance to my home and to my spirit. I continue to work with a holistic health counselor to improve my health even further than ever. And my kids are benefitting from this counseling too! When I see them eating fruits and veggies and drinking plenty of water, I am so thankful I took the first step.

*This is what I have been training to be able to do for YOU...(and the ones you love)!

If you are like I was--suffering daily from a long list of chronic health complaints that your doctors can't (or won't) help you resolve--then maybe you need to discover the wisdom within yourself and talk to a holistic health counselor. I am not a doctor and my advice is no substitute for the medical information your doctor can provide, but I have resolved a host of my own (and my family's) health concerns using holistic & nutritional methods, including the following common health problems:

  • hypoglycemia
  • migraine headaches
  • sinus headaches
  • painful menstrual cycles
  • asthma
  • seasonal allergies
  • joint pain
  • frequent colds & flu (3-4 times/year)
  • dry, itchy skin
  • severe dandruff
  • lactose intolerance
  • chronic fatigue
  • athlete's foot
  • adult acne
  • anxiety & panic attacks
  • depression (including post-partum)
  • thrush & mastitis (breast infection)
  • ear infections
  • brain fog/mental fuzziness
  • regular nosebleeds
  • nightmares and sleeplessness
  • upset stomach, indigestion
  • aspartame-induced numbness (mimicing M.S. symptoms)
  • attention-deficit/hyperactivity
  • sensory processing/ sensory intergration disorder

That seems like a ridiculously long list, but truthfully I didn't set out to fix all those problems. Many of them resolved themselves as a result of the changes I was making. Some of the problems I barely noticed until they were gone, like, "Hey, how come I didn't have itchy arms and legs this winter?" or "Gee, I haven't been sick all year long!" or my husband would say, "Honey, your skin is clearing up beautifully!" I can't tell you how proud I feel when I get the side benefits of being healthy! One day I began to clean out the medicine drawer and realized that I didn't need any of those over-the-counter medications anymore! Now I just keep a few basic medicines on hand (for our guests!)

Are you ready to see what you can accomplish in your first six months? Are you ready to have somebody on your side, helping you discover your path to wellness and vitality? Are you going to take charge of your health BEFORE getting sick enough for your doctor to take notice? If so, schedule an appointment right now!

Melissa Martinez-Machado,
Your Ivy league Health Counselor